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  • Радка
    I love doing my nails in the salon! But recently, after visiting a manicurist, I started to tear off a nail, and a week later the finger was swollen and bloody. A friend brought a new fungaxt healing cream, ordered it on the Internet. I took soda baths and put on cream. He helped. But I smeared it for a month so that the infection did not resume. I ordered it again, just in case.
  • Виолета
    My son has long had foot problems with his work shoes. He is a geologist, often having to wear oilcloth shoes for a long time. He scabies, cracked heels and weeds. I made an appointment with a doctor and on his advice I bought the FungaXT cream on the Internet. I smeared it for 2 months and all the cracks were gone. Now he walks joyfully, sleeps well. Thanks to the cream!
  • Петър
    I went to the bathhouse with my friends and the next day my leg started to itch. When I got home, I took off my shoes: my wife was horrified by the smell. Itching prevented sleep at night. The doctor advised to spread the fungaxt cream in the morning and in the evening, after a shower. He helped right away! The smell, however, continued to bother, but after 10 days it passed. Just in case (the doctor advised him) I keep smearing. Great cream!
  • Йордан
    My niece is golden! She is studying in a medical school, learning new things every day! She recently brought me FungaXT cream for cracked heels. It was painful for me to walk for a long time, no ointments helped. She started smearing after washing her feet every day. And a miracle: the pain has passed, my legs have stopped getting wet. Now I smear all the time. Miraculous cream!
  • Георги
    I have a responsible job at the bank. You have to have hands like a surgeon. I follow this, I go to the salon regularly for a manicure. I recently noticed that my little finger nail turned yellow, the cuticle was swollen. I run to the dermatologist. He recommended FungaXT cream for mycosis. I immediately started applying, as prescribed, and now everything is in order. I smeared a month, I will order more soon.
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