Instructions for use FungaXT

How to use FungaXT cream

FungaXT mycosis treatment cream has a natural composition and is prescribed for acute injuries of the nails, skin of the hands and feet. The unique formula of the drug guarantees symptom relief after the first use. Given the resistance of fungi and the variety of stages, with different resistance to fungicides, the cream should be applied regularly for a minimum cycle. In case of severe damage, the admission course can be continued for up to 2 months.

Production form, characteristics FungaXT

The drug is available in cream and gel form. The cream is used in case of large area lesions. The gel is used for timely application or for the prevention of infections.

Release form Cream in a tube, gel in a plastic package with a dispenser
Structure Fungicide 1 component, the rest of the composition is natural
Receive frequency 1-2 times a day
Course 30+ days
Application procedure Apply with light movements on the clean and dry surface
Age restrictions 7+
Indications Sweating with a sour smell of fungal infection, dull discharge, yellow nails, itching, peeling, cracks in the foot, pain at the base of the nails, ulcers with purulent discharge.
Contraindications Individual intolerance to the components; Allergy.
Storage conditions Not higher than 15 ° C
Expiration date 10 months

You can use the gel for prophylaxis without restrictions, apply on a clean and dry surface, in a place of possible risk.

For confirmed fungal infections, a cream is recommended.

Instructions for using the cream

Instructions for using FungaXT

FungaXT is to be used daily 1-2 times a day for 30 days. Below is shown how to use the drug for mycosis.

Preparation for the application of FungaXT

Before using the drug, the affected surface must be cleaned. This is best done in a soda bath with soapy water.

Methods and scope of application

FungaXT cream should be applied by rubbing with massage movements, capturing the areas adjacent to the affected areas. This is necessary to create a disinfection barrier.

In the case of foot treatment, a thin layer of cream is applied to the upper and lower surface of the foot, including the nails, capturing the ankle.

Stages of healing

Treatment of mycosis depends on the extent and duration of the infection. In the early stages, the symptoms disappear in 1-2 weeks. However, you can not stop using the cream, you need a full 1-month course. In severe cases, treatment can take up to 2 months. Consider the stages of severe foot injuries.

The first week

The pain gradually disappears when walking, the cracks become less deep. The itch becomes more bearable. Purulent discharge decreases. The sour smell is weakened.

Second - third week

Pain when walking almost disappears. Places of purulent discharge are narrowed. Crusts form in the affected areas, slight peeling. Pink nails grow from the base of the nail growth. The smell disappears.

From the third to the fourth week

The crusts gradually peel off at the site of purulent cracks, the yellow tint of the skin is replaced by pink. The skin becomes soft without thickening. The nails grow back to a normal pink color.

The stages of treatment in different people can be shortened and prolonged in duration, depending on the general condition of the body. The use of FungaXT cream in Bulgaria has been shown to cure mycosis in 100% of patients.