Experience of use FungaXT

Anne's FungaXT Experience from San Diego

Anne's FungaXT Experience from San Diego

My name is Ann, I live in San Diego, California. I really want to move to the central states, it is better to work there.

But my legs bother me. They itch, the skin on the heels cracks, sometimes it even hurts to walk. And still very unpleasant, unpleasant smell. My friend Alejandro said he was a mushroom, he advised me to go to the doctor so he could help me get my legs in order. But I decided to do it differently: look for a tool on the Internet.

Antifungal overview

You can find everything on the Internet, and I immediately typed in Google: mycosis, fungi, fungicides. And a lot of names came out: Canesten, Azole, Ketoconazole, Fluconazole, Clotrimazole and others. My eyes got up, what to choose? And I get it: I need to look at the reviews. And I started reading them.

I have read many reviews on different creams and the further on, the more I doubted. All the ointments offered had side effects. There were a lot of positive reviews, but one or two - terrible. I decided to go to the doctor tomorrow. And then I found another remedy: FungaXT cream. I looked at the reviews on it - and not a single negative one! Everyone shared their experience on how to use the cream, praised its natural composition, with 100% soothing and action!

And I decided to buy FungaXT. neat, delivered quickly and the price is affordable.

Experience in using FungaXT cream

I have read the instructions, which are already a little familiar. After all, I read the main features of the application in the reviews. And began to apply as written. And that's what I got.

Photo of the application of the cream, experience in the use of FungaXT

First decade

I smeared the cream after thorough washing, soaking the cracks and wounds. The first days the itching intensified, but in the reviews it was said that this happens, you can't stop. By the end of the decade, I no longer had a severe itch, but peeling appeared. By the end of the week, I didn't smell the usual unpleasant smell.

Second decade

After 10 days, I felt much better and no longer felt pain while walking. There was only a slight tingling sensation in the healing areas. The scabs and peels on the healing cracks were a little irritating, but I went through with it. My efforts have clearly benefited.

Third decade

I continued to use the product. I liked the process itself: after all, my legs became like a child's: heels turned pink, skin became softer by the day. The pain is finally gone! And even my nails have become like new: elastic, shiny, smooth!


I continue to smear my feet with FungaXT cream as a prophylaxis and have no more athlete's foot symptoms.