How to treat toenail fungus with folk remedies?

How effective is the treatment of toenail fungus with folk remedies? How not to start the disease and properly treat it to the end, because the elimination of the symptoms of mycosis of the nail platinum requires a lot of patience, time and effort.

How does the disease manifest itself?

The World Health Organization states that nail fungus affects every 5 inhabitants of the planet, this indicates that there are people around everyone who have already encountered this problem personally.

Externally, the disease is manifested by darkening of the nail plate, a change in its structure, the nail begins to exfoliate and collapse. The danger is that the fungus can spread throughout the body, infecting both external and internal human organs.

Attention: onychomycosis at an early stage can only be diagnosed by a specialist, self-medication is dangerous to health!

How to treat nail plate fungus at home?

chamomile bath for nail fungus

If you do not go to a specialist in time to prescribe adequate therapy, then the gradual decomposition of the subungual space and deep layers of the skin begins.

Pathology at an advanced stage is dangerous for the passage of infection to healthy tissues, a high risk of developing sepsis and fungal infections of internal organs. This is especially true for children, since their disease progresses much faster, the possibility of complications increases several times.

If symptoms of a fungal infection of the toenails appear in an adult or a child, a mycologist who specializes specifically in such pathologies should be contacted immediately. In his absence in a medical institution, a dermatologist usually deals with such diseases.

In combination with pharmaceutical preparations, folk methods of treating toenail fungus are effectively used, which will help get rid of peeling, delamination of the nail at the initial stage of infection, itching and irritation of the skin.

Treatment of onychomycosis with iodine!

An alcoholic solution of iodine is an excellent remedy for eliminating fungus at home. Iodine is also used to repair damaged areas of the feet and the area between the toes, but before choosing the right prescription, you should familiarize yourself with the warnings available when using the product:

  • iodine can cause an allergic reaction, lead to various rashes and even choking;
  • iodine procedures stain the nail in a dark color, while such a protective shell helps to strengthen the platinum of the nail and its rapid recovery;
  • if the product is used incorrectly, burns, dermatological damage to the skin, problems with the cardiovascular system, thyroid, etc. may occur. ;
  • the drug is prescribed for the treatment of nail fungus in the initial stage.

Warning: the treatment of onychomycosis with iodine can last several months, until the patient is completely cured.

Famous recipes with iodine

nail fungus treatment bath
  1. Take a 5% iodine solution and apply one drop to the problem area twice a day, for prevention, you can lubricate healthy nails with liquid, in the minimum dosage.
  2. Take an iodine bath: add 20 drops of iodine to a basin of water, lower your legs for 10 minutes, then trim the damaged nail (as much as possible) and apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to the skin, apply a antibacterial bandage to the affected part.
  3. Homemade ointment for the treatment of nail fungus: take 1 tsp. iodine, vinegar essence, garlic juice and nitrofungin solution. You need to apply the mixture every day before going to bed, put a gauze bandage over the nail.

A week after using such procedures, itching will be felt in the treated areas, this will indicate that the disease is gradually disappearing. The main thing is that there should not be a strong burning sensation, with an overdose of iodine or its misuse.

Elimination of onychomycosis of toenails with Kombucha

First you need to put Kombucha in a solution of water and in a week the healing composition will be ready. It is able to stop the development of pathogens, their growth and reproduction and eliminate messy odors.

Kombucha can be used in several ways:

  • rub the gruel from the fungus in the damaged area, this should be done 2 times a day, wash and dry the legs thoroughly before conducting a wellness session;
  • to make a compress, you need to soak kombucha in clean water for a day, then break off a piece and apply it to the affected nails, fix it on top with a cloth bandage, put on 2-3 socks.

After applying the compress every morning, it is necessary to remove the loose areas of the nail, treating them with a bright green. At first, the procedure may be accompanied by intense pain in the problem area.

Treatment of the fungus with vinegar

foot washing for nail fungus

Vinegar is often the basis of popular recipes for advanced nail fungus, because the fungus dies in an acidic environment in 90% of cases, this is an excellent prevention for healthy nails.

A simple version of acetotherapy: take the product at a concentration of 9% - moisten your nails with the composition, put on warm socks and leave the composition overnight. If you feel a strong burning sensation, the bandage should be removed to avoid burns.

With vinegar, it is best to make baths and lotions. Components for steaming the legs: take 250 ml of the product, add to a basin of hot water, lower the legs for 15 minutes, then, without rinsing, apply a pharmacy antifungal ointment or cream.

To make lotions, you need to prepare 2 tbsp. L. essence of vinegar, 3 chicken proteins, 2 tbsp. L. vodka, moisten a cotton swab with a solution, apply to the damaged nail plate for 15 minutes. Perform the procedure every day!

Onions and garlic against mushrooms

How to treat toenail fungus folk remedies? You can take fresh garlic and onions home, squeeze the juice and treat the sore spot with this composition.

Or mix garlic juice with 90 degree alcohol, add three parts of water and rinse the damaged nail, rinse with clean water, apply antibacterial pharmaceutical product, wrap your feet in a warm towel for 20 minutes.

And from the resulting suspension of onion and garlic, make a lotion, leave it under a bandage for 2-3 hours, in the absence of a strong burning sensation, you can until the morning. Such tablets will help overcome the disease from the inside.

Essential oils for nail fungus

Essential oils have proven effective in practice, they help eliminate harmful fungi and promote the renewal of the nail plate. Contraindications include individual intolerance to the product and pregnancy.

Tea tree oil

The bath is effective: dilute 20 drops of oil and a tablespoon of shower gel in a liter of warm water, lower the legs for 10 minutes, then pat dry with a warm towel and apply antifungal cream to the damaged area.

Citrus oil

Rub the oil on the affected nail plate with a cotton swab, leave it on for several hours, before washing your feet with laundry soap to remove residual dirt and clear the infection. Such a composition well strengthens the immune system, acts on the fungus at the cellular level. Excellent prevention of mycosis of the nail plate.

Treatment of the fungus with propolis

Alcoholic tincture of propolis 20% effectively eliminates the fungus, it is necessary to do regular lotions every day, and after 5-7 days the diseased nail will peel off and a new one will begin to grow. Treatment should be continued for a few more weeks to protect against reinfection.

Copper sulfate from fungus

Traditional healers recommend using this remedy in combination with drug treatment, the procedure should be done 2-3 times a week. Step-by-step instructions for bath preparation:

  • prepare a solution of copper sulfate, put a teaspoon of powder per liter of water, dilute it by half with hot water before use;
  • pour the solution into the bath, lower the legs for 15 minutes;
  • then dry with a towel and treat your feet with the prescribed medicine.

How to use tar soap to get rid of nail fungus?

This product contains up to 10% natural birch tar, the soap must be crushed, dissolved in water and steam baths for the feet must be carried out, and the product can also be rubbed generously on the nail plate of the affected nail, effectively eliminating the mushroom.

It is recommended to use ointments based on birch tar, to do this, mix 2 parts of powdered sulfur, 10 parts of fat and 3 parts of tar, heat the mixture in a steam bath, apply the ointment to the affected area and stick a patch on top.

It is convenient to use a simple speaker (50 ml of tar, the same amount of medical glycerin and 80 ml of alcohol). Lubricate the sore spot several times a day, until the nail plate is completely healed.

Salt to eliminate nail fungus

Salt is an adjuvant for the treatment of nail fungus, copes well with various contaminants, washes infection from wounds, eliminates unpleasant odors and is an excellent disinfectant.

  1. Dissolve a tablespoon of salt and soda in hot water, take a foot bath, 10 minutes will be enough, then rinse your feet with warm water and apply a pharmaceutical product.
  2. Mix table salt with chopped fresh mint leaves, apply the resulting suspension to the nail plate, leave for 2-3 hours, rinse with water.
  3. You can also steam your feet with sea salt and essential oils, a tablespoon of the main component and 10 drops of avocado oil per liter of water.

Mixtures for oral administration

herbal remedy for toenail fungus

It is necessary to treat the fungus of the nail plate both from the outside and from the inside, herbal teas are especially suitable for this, here is a recipe for an effective and powerful remedy:

  • in equal parts, you need to mix oak bark, calendula flowers, field horsetail, blackberry leaves, medicinal verbena;
  • pour the mixture with a glass of boiling water and soak in a water bath for 15 minutes;
  • take the medicine in a spoon 4 times a day before meals.

The resulting composition is also suitable for lotions, you can rinse your feet with it every evening, use it as a prophylaxis.

Attention: before treating nail fungus at home with folk remedies, it is necessary to check for an allergic reaction of each component separately, apply the component of the remedy to the elbow bend, and in the absence of redness and irritation, feel free to use the product to cure the nail.

What shouldn't be forgotten?

Nail fungus can change and is constantly evolving, developing resistance to many drugs. It is necessary to treat onychomycosis to the end, in order to avoid reinfection, the next time select other drugs that have a different mechanism of action.

It is important not to forget about such factors as excessive sweating of the legs, which often causes the development of the disease. It is necessary to wear comfortable high-quality shoes and regularly carry out preventive actions, wash the feet with the above compositions and apply therapeutic compresses.

Conclusion and advice!

Now you know the most effective folk remedies for toenail fungus! You shouldn't expect quick results, the nail healing process can be long, it will require patience and perseverance on your part. Do not start the disease, carefully observe hygiene and be healthy!