Fungus on the feet: symptoms that identify the disease

healthy legs after treating a fungal infection

Many people around the world suffer from a disease such as nail fungus. It is difficult, but possible, to recover from this infection. It all depends on how quickly you managed to recognize it. And for this, when a disease occurs, a fungus on the legs, the symptoms of this infection should already be known to you. Then the treatment process will not last long, and the effect of the drugs taken will be maximum.

By quickly detecting this disease, you can avoid serious consequences, and in addition you can also protect your family from fungal infections, as it can be transmitted between family members.

How do the symptoms appear?

In order not to suffer from a disease such as toenail fungus for a long time, everyone should know the symptoms, especially since they are simple. When an infection occurs on the nails, it manifests itself with symptoms such as:

  • Odor and itching. If you start to notice that your feet have started to smell unpleasant, you shouldn't take it lightly. It is best to consult your doctor to find out the reason for this.
  • Another symptom of nail fungus is the discoloration of the nail plate. Also, in most cases, the edges of the nail are damaged to varying degrees.
  • Small grooves and whitish spots appear on the nail. Over time they increase. If no action is taken when nail fungus symptoms are detected, this will worsen the condition and the fungal infection will continue to develop. The deformation process will continue further, all new areas will be infected. The consequence of this will be a complete nail infection.
  • Discoloration of the nail plate is another characteristic symptom of this disease. Under the influence of fungal spores, the color of the nail can change. Instead of the usual shade, it can acquire more varied shades. Usually, with a fungal infection, the color changes to yellow and brown. This is due to the effect of mold or yeast on the nail.
  • A change in the structure of the nail is another symptom by which this disease can be recognized. Quite quickly, the nail will begin to change shape and crumble.

These are all the symptoms that are characteristic of this disease. Knowing them, you will have no questions about how to recognize fungus on the feet. You can find it quickly and heal it just as quickly.

Other features of the disease

foot pain with fungus on the legs

Among all the diseases known to date, the fungus is especially cunning. The main reason for this is that the spores of a fungal infection in the human body are found throughout life. Their activation is only possible in some cases.

  • Disputes arise when a person has a decrease in immunity.
  • They also make themselves felt if a person has diabetes.
  • Skin diseases and mechanical damage to the skin of the legs / hands or nails are also a provoking factor that leads to the onset of a fungal infection.

Therefore, it is necessary to treat your health with special attention. When any of the above marks appear on your feet, you need to think about it. If you have nail fungus due to the use of tight shoes or a trip to a beauty salon has caused damage to the nail, you should not hesitate with the treatment, but you should use one of the anti-fungal medications on the foot, which are offeredin large quantities in the pharmacy. Their use will be a good prevention of this disease. The cream should be applied to damaged areas once a week.

What to do if you find the symptoms of a fungus?

  • The first thing to do if you find the symptoms of onychomycosis in yourself is to contact a dermatologist and pass the necessary tests. At present, there are more than 50 types of fungi that are pathogenic fungi for the human body. Therefore, if you decide to deal with the infection on your own, your efforts will most likely be ineffective. You will not get rid of the fungus on your nails, but you will only waste your time. After performing all the tests that the attending physician has prescribed for you, you must follow the recommendations in accordance with the prescribed prescription.
  • During the course of treatment, all procedures must be carried out. The maximum effect can be achieved if folk remedies are taken in combination with antifungal drugs.
  • For antifungal agents, it is imperative to consult with your doctor.

This is all you need to do after detecting the first signs of onychomycosis. You shouldn't try to diagnose yourself and even more so to prescribe your own treatment. Without professional help, you cannot get rid of the fungus on your feet.